I write with quill and ink


I am one of the “young-terror professors” in the college as described by some of our older students to the freshmen last semester. That’s because I only teach and not talk to anyone much after classes.

That is unfair to be called such…

So last June when I was asked to meet with the freshies and the rest of the students I gave them a short speech: “The reason I am a terror professor is because I wanted to make professionals out of everyone in this industry. I don’t want you to finish 4 or 5 years and still act like an amateur, when the job you entered required an artist that can handle the toughest situations, and you just worked like a kid- you’ll only last a month- not to mention that the disappointment of being fired on your first or second job can make you start questioning yourself. This isn’t scaring you but letting you know that what’s out there is far from what you are doing in  school, so it is my job as a teacher to prepare you now, and your job to make sure that you can deliver the best that you can at all situations. If in real life you work hard to earn money, start here in school: work hard to get your works done to get the grades right. Also make your parents proud because they are the ones that are currently working to provide you with the best education.”

I am glad to say that my students are all doing exceptionally well and though I fail students because of their being head strong and submitting works late. They don’t get mad or retaliate, they just look at me and tell me that they’ll do better next time.

The ones that graduated are all working in the best industries here I know and I do get the occasional thanks.

I never imagined myself to be a teacher but even if I run in a couple of stress-related work such as shown in my strip above and to deal with very strict regulations in college that seem impossible to do, as well as the revision of documents time and again. The emails and texts of appreciation and thanks that I get from the students or parents is the drive that forces me to better my skills further as a teacher and as a person.

Congratulations to the graduates of 2012 and their parents!


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