I write with quill and ink

Koji and Me: Chibi and Ragnarok style

This was me 3 years after university. I was hooked in Ragnarok at the time so I drew myself in Ragnarok fashion. 😀

“Chibi” in Japanese means baby or something cute as Koji-chan told me. Kojimalyn is my half Jap-half Fil office mate when I was working as an ESL teacher for a part time gig. She really does look like the chibi Koji I drew, except that she is a very big woman- when I mean “big” it means she is tall, voluptuous, and if you mess with her, her fist can measure 1/4 of your face. Only that no one messes with her because she is really sweet and has this sometimes-annoying childlike attitude for a 23 yo. I felt the generation gap there!

We have a lot of same interests especially in games so when it comes to computer games I showed her this drawing of me in chibi character and she liked the idea that she wanted to have one. She isn’t a Ragnarok player so I just made one in her near likeness.

I made this a few weeks before the tsunami hit her hometown. She was supposed to go visit her family there in the farm but was unable to due that we can’t have personal leaves at the time.


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