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Lady Green and the impression of Digital arts to students

As a teacher I really want to put the message that 3d is art. It is Digital Art and done using a computer- preferably with a pen and tablet. It is different from traditional art and 3d art has a genre all its own so please don’t compare or say that it’s better in comparison to traditional art.

Most of the students I taught first have the impression that computer graphics is an easy course and an easy subject.  That is not the case. To be a good Digital artist you still have to study the basics and you have to have patience, perseverance, and imagination.

The common mistakes of students that take the subject is that 1. It’s easier than Fine Arts, 2. It’s faster output due that you are using a computer (in some projects this is true) 3. It’s a VERY lucrative job.

Most of the students fall for number 3.

Since 80% of the students are impatient when dealing with traditional drawing.  I make lesson plans that make them do traditional drawing projects to be submitted each week. 🙂

Lady Green is my first traditional to computer art output. I drew the sketch in a day and uploaded it an hour after the drawing. I edited this in Photoshop, in 4 hours sans pen and tablet due that they are broken. IF there was pen and tablet at that time I could do this in an hour. Broken equipment is one computer drawback. If I do this in watercolor and ink, it would only take me 30 minutes.


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