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About this one guy…

This is my experiment on working with male sketches.


Flapper in beads

Beach Babe

Initial pencil sketch…

Flapper Girl: water color, pencil and ballpen

Flapper Girl: water color, pencil and ballpen

Flapper Girl



If there was a time I would love to re-live in, it’s gotta be the 1920’s.

DLD characters

I decided to make Dad’s Little Devils continuously so I revamped the characters and started making the story. I think I will get another blog for these strips, anyway I was away from WordPress for a period studying the character development and the story- as well as I took up a week challenge of learning how to ride a bike. I got myself a folding bike.:D

Yes, aside from the drawing I took up the challenge because I have never ridden one before. My parents are ridiculously overprotective and I have a loud mother that becomes louder when talking about doing something risky. Hence I never learned to use the bike as a child, and I put that thought aside as I grew up until last week.

I am glad to say that I can ride a bike now and it took me only 4 days to do it, yay! I also got myself a badge on my leg with this ugly bruise, but it’s all worth it!

So now I am back and will be putting up more artworks for everyone.




New work: Pencil and ink (shading)

I’m practicing on pencil, ink and watercolor combination for future works.

I hope you like the transformation:D

This is the pencil sketch of my work

This is the close up. I used a mechanical pencil with B lead- it helps get the details better.

Here I am adding ink to put points of light and shadow.

I also added base color for the eyes, this will set it before applying water color.

So here is the close up for the skin and face shading.Then I added some shadows for her hair as well…

 And this is the initial using ink.

An old sketch: The Look

DLD p2

DLD: Dad’s Little Devils

This is my first try of making newspaper comic strips.

¬†Title: Dad’s Little Devils.

It’s a representation of us 5 kids in the house and our dad raising us.

Morrigan is the representation of my oldest sister, during her uni days she was a goth and a few years ago sported the same hair type. She has that attitude so it was fun making her into a character.

My dad- yeah, he looks like that.:D

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