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Smile as this poem finds you

You work so hard for the day,

To reach goals and heart’s desires,

And though we move our way,

You worked so hard and I know you tired.

Don’t feel alone in your daily plight,

As night comes and day breaks anew,

I wish with all my heart as might,

To make you smile, to make you happy- true.

And that is what I’ll do to you,

Til the day you come or me to you,

Smile as this poem finds you.

– Marifosque


Fires Fueled



We breed this new-fangled stirring in us

Where our rage and passion building

Over forms that strongly hold

our sum ambitions and fires fueled

We breed this feeling that each holds onto:

Butterfly kisses,  silken touches, and hot embraces

 The fires fueled we initiate and we satiate in equal

We power each’s life and have power over each’s end

Yet could everything be forsaken

For one’s sacrifice to fill

This void that was never me

To a void that was never you?



How fare will this sadistic novel run within us

Where passion and hate in equal only last

When needs are met and wants liberated easy

For false sum ambitions and fires fueled

Yet could everything be forsaken

For one’s sacrifice to fill

This void that was never me

To a void that was never you?

– Marifosque

Strawberries and Cream

I was in Manila today and going home I took the train. Just below the terminal steps there was a fruit stand selling strawberries. I bought a lot.

I also need to take the bus  to get home, and once settled inside it struck me: “strawberries and cream- lovely taste, heady scent, passionate, perfect dessert when you want the night young…”

I really love this dessert. 🙂


The girl loves puppy dog tails

When charms come entail

A curve of red, oh! a smile!

This boy flatters her a mile

He liked her satin and lace

Her dancing was with grace

Such a sight to see, lovely bee

He clenches his hands for me

Strawberries and cream today

Both enjoy this personal holiday

She was radiantly blooming in pink

He wants her badly come to think

What a delightful puppy she sees

He comes to her on bended knees

He worships the taste, scent, and lips

Worships the smile, warmth, and hips

Strawberries and cream today

Our delightful personal holiday

We are not innocent, so we ask:

“You want, strawberries and cream today?”



A World With You In It

This may probably not be one of my best but I am sure feeling this right now:



I tread the days dreaming of a world with you in it,

A dream that you may be here to live with me in it,

In all honesty, I am not a difficult person to deal with life, 

Only steady and positive enough to be real during strife.

How I wish for you to be here with me now, 

Yet  you run, and chase storms, and chances avow, 

And all those are just myriad minutes of a short escape, 

Where that will pass, yet never constant- and so you stare agape,

And in wonder as they slip, and you there alone with empty hands open, 

I look over you, I know this feeling with my own heart and I hope to be taken, 

To be held, to be touched, to be kissed by you, yet I just watch, 

Silently behind you and constantly knowing that I am your match.

I know this for I am, but you shun to see this because of this fright:

That I am the one but may restrict your dreams of greatness and might, 

How can I? When I know that Love is not to keep or hold you in choke, 

for I  know you, your passions, your troubles and I will be there as you awoke.

I will hope for a day to come that we awaken without loneliness and want,

But to smile at each and the morn together and I am sure to warrant, 

That being together, what you want I shall justly and rightly give, believe it, 

For like you, I don’t want to dream anymore, but live in this world with you in it.

– Marifosque

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