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A World With You In It

This may probably not be one of my best but I am sure feeling this right now:



I tread the days dreaming of a world with you in it,

A dream that you may be here to live with me in it,

In all honesty, I am not a difficult person to deal with life, 

Only steady and positive enough to be real during strife.

How I wish for you to be here with me now, 

Yet  you run, and chase storms, and chances avow, 

And all those are just myriad minutes of a short escape, 

Where that will pass, yet never constant- and so you stare agape,

And in wonder as they slip, and you there alone with empty hands open, 

I look over you, I know this feeling with my own heart and I hope to be taken, 

To be held, to be touched, to be kissed by you, yet I just watch, 

Silently behind you and constantly knowing that I am your match.

I know this for I am, but you shun to see this because of this fright:

That I am the one but may restrict your dreams of greatness and might, 

How can I? When I know that Love is not to keep or hold you in choke, 

for I  know you, your passions, your troubles and I will be there as you awoke.

I will hope for a day to come that we awaken without loneliness and want,

But to smile at each and the morn together and I am sure to warrant, 

That being together, what you want I shall justly and rightly give, believe it, 

For like you, I don’t want to dream anymore, but live in this world with you in it.

– Marifosque


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