I write with quill and ink

Strawberries and Cream

I was in Manila today and going home I took the train. Just below the terminal steps there was a fruit stand selling strawberries. I bought a lot.

I also need to take the bus  to get home, and once settled inside it struck me: “strawberries and cream- lovely taste, heady scent, passionate, perfect dessert when you want the night young…”

I really love this dessert. 🙂


The girl loves puppy dog tails

When charms come entail

A curve of red, oh! a smile!

This boy flatters her a mile

He liked her satin and lace

Her dancing was with grace

Such a sight to see, lovely bee

He clenches his hands for me

Strawberries and cream today

Both enjoy this personal holiday

She was radiantly blooming in pink

He wants her badly come to think

What a delightful puppy she sees

He comes to her on bended knees

He worships the taste, scent, and lips

Worships the smile, warmth, and hips

Strawberries and cream today

Our delightful personal holiday

We are not innocent, so we ask:

“You want, strawberries and cream today?”




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