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My Christmas

Heaven as dark as these eyes of mine,

My cheeks- red, my lips sensuously divine,

Yet heart is warm and my love your hearth,

Come in from the cold and touch satin girth,

Here, I’m made for you this Yuletide Night,

Worship my temple as you worship the light,

Stay here in my arms; caress my hair, my bosom,

Wrapped in fur and velvet, allow me to blossom,

Let my difference and strength disarm your belief,

I’m human, all woman and love has no “if”,

This night your wish comes true, this Nickelmas,

Open  your present sinful in crimson, Merry Christmas!

– M a r i f o s q u e


goth christmas

Love, Even in Absence

Blotted heavens obstruct the Sun-God’s rays

Yet slivers escape, falling gently down the way

Touch this dark skin, open these brown eyes

Stir beholding golden mornings…now time flies

Both feet and heart beat to dance faster, faster!

Draw the heat, breathe deep, and hotly muster

Dancer turns and sits before majestic as you lay

Smile as you end there, now embarks my day

Speak, embracing words and enveloping feelings

In warmth, in kindness, in wonder light musings

Peppered with affection and tender presence

Romance is rose- perfumed in delicate essence

Such barter, in love when equal, has no yearnings

Paid with effervescent gratitude over mornings

This cup held amid is full and wholly overflowing

Where seas and lands separating has no meaning

Love is prominent still during the absence of each

Time flies fast and soon in each arms they reach


-M a r i f o s q u e











Hold us, Love

On the bus on the way home an elderly couple climbed on. Nothing out of the ordinary. They are your standard elderly couple.

She was graying as he is, her long hair was tied in a pony tail and both have movements that give away their age only that it was temporary thought of, for their little facial lines betray my assumption. I wonder…

I didn’t get to observe him much as they sat down beside me.

A slight movement made me gaze over them. In an instant she had the vigor of a younger woman, playful, smiling, and chuckling, because her husband beside her suddenly wrapped an arm around her and offered his  shoulder to lean her pretty head on. Quiet laughter between them.

He wasn’t interesting at first, yes. But upon looking over to say hi, his smile towards her is warm and inspiring to make this poem on the way home as they begin to doze.

In that moment, both looked like lovebirds to me: beautifully colored in the comfort of  age, yet young and playful in their hearts, and in embrace both colors blend in magnificence.

For the couple who sat beside me :

Hold us, Love

Seasons come in calm and fury

Not knowing towards but hold us, Love

Waver not in belief for I shall not drift

Hold us for we shall not fail,

What is us,

What is ours,

Years may stain, don’t let that burden you

Our hearts and arms shall house this belief:

“This love we have is unreserved devotion

To keep who we are

To keep what is us,

To keep what is ours,”

Life may abate but hearts will soar,

Death will come eventually calling, but, 

Remember where you walk I will follow

Always and forever will hold us, Love

– Marifosque


I Am Poet

I am poet, I am rhyme,

I am word seductress in time,

I am simple with inspiration,

I adore you, ‘muse you with affection.

I am woman of age one and thirty,

I own quill pens for living worthy,

I am pale and dark combination,

I am Goth with poems for libation.

I worship us and I worship the moon,

I sing songs of spells and words to boon,

I will love you if you let me, let us duet,

I am painter, dream-weaver, lover, and poet

– m a r i f o s q u e


The Crab King: Moleskine Doodle

For Anna Jean

For Anna Jean: Happy Birthday!:) Remember the Crab King 😀


Butterflies flit and flutter,

Come near, don’t stutter

Say it, “Love to me come

Bring my happiness home”


Then provide me a kiss

Be my sensuous bliss,

These butterflies flutter

Come near, don’t mutter


To cast such doe eyes lower,

I sigh and blush little flower,

Come, whisper you love me

Do, whisper you love me


Why is it that when you kiss someone you love right now, even when you have been kissed before,  you still feel butterflies like it’s the first time’s kiss?

Thy Queen

During a conversation with a friend one time, I was given a song based on a book. And because I reminded that person of a certain character in it, he made me listen.

I was inspired afterwards grateful in the knowledge that he thought of me within that song. Creative people have the weirdest minds yet stunning views in imagination and life.

And I really enjoyed listening to it that it’s in my playlist now.

So my dear, here is my translation of it. If you come across this you will remember that day we had fun talking. x


Venus will please be my inspiration,

I shall present you words of adoration,

Eternal I shall woo thee with abandon,

For warm pleasure in nights in Eden


I watch you from afar as you dance,

Heady with your image fills my day,

Let this be real and not fancy chance,

Do cast this man’s troubles far away


Raise me from my knees, don’t be mean

Make me live each moment in your kiss

I am but your humble slave, my queen

Bleed me should my love to you be amiss

– Marifosque

The Ice King

ice king

Cold steel eyes and platinum hair,

Stature of a god with a mortal air,

Most look up to him revere in awe,

Except for me who knows his flaw

Gaze unperturbed like glass water,

Complexity in life to him a matter,

Women desire him like no other,

Yet only one does he dare bother

When days come end with a moon,

Ice king lifts hand to write a croon,

Venus sits strumming her lone guitar,

He sends his lyrics borne from afar

She smiles, reads, and sees vital flaw,

Icy nature warmed by august mountain,

He broke his reverie and despondent law,

For velvet embraces flow in love’s fountain

– Marifosque

Spanish Mornings

spanish morning

I woke up to Spanish mornings,

Yet between us is Foreign Time,

His smile and candor is longing,

So we talked over tea with lime


Pine like there is no tomorrow,

You smile our tires and remain strong,

I do same, for time is borrow

These conflicts will not be meant long


Apart we live for a future,

We cry but must remain distant,

No tears! no tears! This is not cure,

Hold in or he comes here instant


Time comes and I now have to leave,

Breakfast ends your Midnight forlorn,

Smile, you say and always believe:

Soon we wake to real Spanish morn

– Marifosque

por Javier 

dormir con la certeza de que eres amado

sleep with the knowledge that you are loved,  x

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