I write with quill and ink

The Ice King

ice king

Cold steel eyes and platinum hair,

Stature of a god with a mortal air,

Most look up to him revere in awe,

Except for me who knows his flaw

Gaze unperturbed like glass water,

Complexity in life to him a matter,

Women desire him like no other,

Yet only one does he dare bother

When days come end with a moon,

Ice king lifts hand to write a croon,

Venus sits strumming her lone guitar,

He sends his lyrics borne from afar

She smiles, reads, and sees vital flaw,

Icy nature warmed by august mountain,

He broke his reverie and despondent law,

For velvet embraces flow in love’s fountain

– Marifosque


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4 thoughts on “The Ice King

  1. I really enjoyed your poem, its the same kind of thing as something I wrote not long ago!

  2. Nice! 🙂 I can already imagine how Ice King looks like. 😀

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