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Thy Queen

During a conversation with a friend one time, I was given a song based on a book. And because I reminded that person of a certain character in it, he made me listen.

I was inspired afterwards grateful in the knowledge that he thought of me within that song. Creative people have the weirdest minds yet stunning views in imagination and life.

And I really enjoyed listening to it that it’s in my playlist now.

So my dear, here is my translation of it. If you come across this you will remember that day we had fun talking. x


Venus will please be my inspiration,

I shall present you words of adoration,

Eternal I shall woo thee with abandon,

For warm pleasure in nights in Eden


I watch you from afar as you dance,

Heady with your image fills my day,

Let this be real and not fancy chance,

Do cast this man’s troubles far away


Raise me from my knees, don’t be mean

Make me live each moment in your kiss

I am but your humble slave, my queen

Bleed me should my love to you be amiss

– Marifosque


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3 thoughts on “Thy Queen

  1. You write brilliant poems. Keep it up 😀

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