I write with quill and ink

I Am Poet

I am poet, I am rhyme,

I am word seductress in time,

I am simple with inspiration,

I adore you, ‘muse you with affection.

I am woman of age one and thirty,

I own quill pens for living worthy,

I am pale and dark combination,

I am Goth with poems for libation.

I worship us and I worship the moon,

I sing songs of spells and words to boon,

I will love you if you let me, let us duet,

I am painter, dream-weaver, lover, and poet

– m a r i f o s q u e



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7 thoughts on “I Am Poet

  1. I enjoyed this poem and the repetition (I usually don’t because many do not do it well) I loved the the rhythm and the internal rhymes, but then, as I scrolled down, and I was stroked by what you created with the Illustration, I thought to my self, WOW…and then beauty became silence, and contemplation fell in subtle….

    • Gratitude for the appreciation! I prefer repetition as it comes across like a song in the head and the illustrations are near to the heart and then I write the words down.
      I am still getting used to the paper I am using so my illustrations are yet to be bolder.:)

  2. Beautifully written and so close to the heart, love it! 🙂

  3. nice site! good reads and pictures. 🙂

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