I write with quill and ink

Love, Even in Absence

Blotted heavens obstruct the Sun-God’s rays

Yet slivers escape, falling gently down the way

Touch this dark skin, open these brown eyes

Stir beholding golden mornings…now time flies

Both feet and heart beat to dance faster, faster!

Draw the heat, breathe deep, and hotly muster

Dancer turns and sits before majestic as you lay

Smile as you end there, now embarks my day

Speak, embracing words and enveloping feelings

In warmth, in kindness, in wonder light musings

Peppered with affection and tender presence

Romance is rose- perfumed in delicate essence

Such barter, in love when equal, has no yearnings

Paid with effervescent gratitude over mornings

This cup held amid is full and wholly overflowing

Where seas and lands separating has no meaning

Love is prominent still during the absence of each

Time flies fast and soon in each arms they reach


-M a r i f o s q u e












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