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The Wait


Where do you go my darling? I cannot follow

When shall you return? Time I cannot borrow

But I shall wait for you, my dear,

Soon I will hear the tinkle of that tiny chime,

That sweet music composing quiet laughter,

Soon I will feel your warmth and tenderness,

Providing this monotonous dullness with life,

And when you return, I will make you happy too,

Not with these common charms or words to woo,

For I only have these little hands to show,

But you will have love, passion, and faith from me

Heaven is our home when we are together,

It is in that togetherness we are in ecstasy,

As you wrap me in your porcelain arms,

As you lean to give me the kindest kiss,

As you whisper truths of your affection to me,

And the world is more than perfect once again,

These dark eyes will show contentment,

And with you beside me, I shall never want,

So come home soon, dearest. I wait.

-M A R I F O S Q U E


Poems Mustn’t Cry For Songs Of Sorrow

We begun madness sung in hot hearts,

Lovers come with lips tempestuous,

Coldness and warmth both singe,

Bed lined aflame with burning passion

Love made lovers create such magic,

Hearts provide the joyful house,

Songs and words come each day,

Within hearts and eyes that smile

But winds come bitter with time,

And apart the lovers seek new roads,

Unconditional poems of love given,

Were selfishly obtained and marred

January greedily stole lover’s soul,

Sweet songs turned bitter in taste,

Poems must not cry for songs of sorrow,

For endings come with a better tomorrow

– M A R I F O S Q U E


For you, since you just broke my heart today!

Happy Friday!

The week toiled has now finished,

You wonder how my smiles diminished,

Weary, my soul needs mending,

And know that your arms do tending,


I trudge not with heavy footfalls,

For Friday nights, magic befalls,

Do come home with a lighter step,

The portal is near, breathe deep,


Enter. To you I am well expected,

Today has not been complicated,

In this evening you shall set me lose,

With your eyes, life earlier was ruse,


It was never true, never real; hazy as mist,

But here in our happy home, I exist

And so we play our little game

You know me and I, your name


We grow different in each’s presence,

So well you cater my arduous silence,

I will return the odds with your favorite

As your deed unfold under lace corset



– M A R I F O S Q U E


Roots 1: Illustration: Pencil and Watercolor

This is a continuation from the last post:

I was able to unplug for the weekend and it was great! However, I wasn’t able to smell the roses because it was moderately raining. It is uncommon for January to have a storm in the country, but we have, so I guess the weather patterns certainly have changed.

The weather also affected my work but in a minute way. The speed for the paper to dry and stretch took me an hour or two to be completely done, whereas during dry periods  it will take only a couple of minutes. So while waiting for the paper to set, I doodled some more and created another artwork in conjunction to this one. I shall post them next time.

After the paper was mounted and stretched, it rained accompanied with cool bursts of lazy wind wafting in through the windows and the open door that I lost a couple of hours. I fell asleep in Saturday’s cool relaxing afternoon.

So it’s only this Sunday morning that I was able to finish it, and here is the progression of the work made.





This is the end of the initial sketch. I can still edit this during painting.


For the skin tone, I colored the darkened areas in yellow. Later it will blend easily smoothing the tones. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to produce images from the production in between.







Close up.

This is my interpretation of Venus emerging from the sea sans the shell.


– M A R I F O S Q U E

Roots: Going back to Traditional Art


As a professor and adviser of Multimedia Arts it’s part of my work to be dealing with computers and graphic software. Although we teach traditional skills in drawing and illustrations, it is highly overshadowed with the computer software for enhancement. I cannot disagree with this as the computer does the work faster in some cases.

So each day I am committed in front of the monitor coming up with various designs and artworks, challenging myself and the students to come up with optimal works.  However as the school began this year after the holidays, I have just been checking thesis papers,  submitting lesson plans, and exams. That said, it’s becoming boring once again.

Therefore I am in the procrastinating mood. But things must change. I want to go back to my artistic roots.

Understand that I am “old school” when it comes to illustrations yet I also know the value and usefulness of the computer. It’s just that it has been a while since I touched an actual pencil, and I do believe that behind every successful graphic artwork is a very good hand drawing skill.

So I started this personal project to keep me unplugged for at least two days. I want to spend my weekends quietly and in my kitchen where I work as I eat, occasionally coming out the apartment to smell the roses, literally, when my hand grows tired.  This is a  personal challenge. This project is to recreate the Goddess Venus, as I see her. So far I have two  ideas in my head and this is the one I started this afternoon.

It’s been months since my last post on illustrations. And soon I shall post the progress along with more poetry.


This is Venus as she emerges from the sea.



Internally it sears the body,

The ember mouth seeking

Those cool ones are wanting,

Quell and water us down,

Hold and posses these hands

We dive into these pools,

Hot and burning, we stir

Weigh the consequences, then


Dare to touch the fire,

Engaged hearts soar and soar,

Carry me then bear me down,

Pin me with abandon desire,


Lose yourself!

Pull me, push me, lift me,

Make me call your name,

Fire, fire, burning within

Blood rise in tempest,

Our breaths mingle with our souls,

As together we raise this heat

Exhale … Breathe…

This fire will not go sooner

Tonight is young,

And you are mine.

– M A R I F O S Q U E



Near me, Kiss me , Love
Darling gentle upon the cheek,
You missed me for last week,
Darling sweetly on my lips,
And here I hold your hips,
I shall kiss you on the chin,
Come now, where have you been?

I’m eager, I miss you, Love,
Those deep blue eyes of heaven,
Stars that make your hair even,
The mouth that angels smile upon,
And the swagger- such a turn on!
So lovely to see you my darling,
Once again my days are  fulfilling

-M A R I F O S Q U E


Happy New Year

New Year Card

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