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Poems Mustn’t Cry For Songs Of Sorrow

We begun madness sung in hot hearts,

Lovers come with lips tempestuous,

Coldness and warmth both singe,

Bed lined aflame with burning passion

Love made lovers create such magic,

Hearts provide the joyful house,

Songs and words come each day,

Within hearts and eyes that smile

But winds come bitter with time,

And apart the lovers seek new roads,

Unconditional poems of love given,

Were selfishly obtained and marred

January greedily stole lover’s soul,

Sweet songs turned bitter in taste,

Poems must not cry for songs of sorrow,

For endings come with a better tomorrow

– M A R I F O S Q U E


For you, since you just broke my heart today!


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5 thoughts on “Poems Mustn’t Cry For Songs Of Sorrow

  1. I’m sory your heart is broke. (((hugs)))

  2. Oh, Thank you for your kindness! I am sad, yes. It’s an unfortunate one sided love, but it’s not that bad, I made a poem!:D
    Have a nice day!

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  4. Your last line says it all: “For endings come with a better tomorrow.” Never give up! The one deserving and worthy of all that is YOU will eventually come and you’ll understand the rest were nothing more than stepping stones on the path to your beautiful life… xo

    • Gratitude for your kind words and inspiration. I did make a positive ending due that negativity in life or love doesn’t last long. You are right something good will come along, thank you.:) I made the poem because it was at the moment and I don’t want to lose the pour of emotions into words.:D I do not dwell much in hurts even if it will remind me from time to time.

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