I write with quill and ink

The Wait


Where do you go my darling? I cannot follow

When shall you return? Time I cannot borrow

But I shall wait for you, my dear,

Soon I will hear the tinkle of that tiny chime,

That sweet music composing quiet laughter,

Soon I will feel your warmth and tenderness,

Providing this monotonous dullness with life,

And when you return, I will make you happy too,

Not with these common charms or words to woo,

For I only have these little hands to show,

But you will have love, passion, and faith from me

Heaven is our home when we are together,

It is in that togetherness we are in ecstasy,

As you wrap me in your porcelain arms,

As you lean to give me the kindest kiss,

As you whisper truths of your affection to me,

And the world is more than perfect once again,

These dark eyes will show contentment,

And with you beside me, I shall never want,

So come home soon, dearest. I wait.

-M A R I F O S Q U E



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4 thoughts on “The Wait

  1. I can totally relate to this multiply by two dogs! 🙂

    • Thank you for liking it. It’s sad to see him just stay there and wait for my sister- he’s hers and I was just puppy sitting earlier. No treats and games budged him from the spot for nearly an hour.:D

      • I see this everyday when I leave home and my dogs say good bye, yet I think is a dog thing and with time they become more independent. I really enjoyed the humanity of this piece!

  2. Yes, as me, I wait for something specific as to why the poem was made. It’s human nature like when a puppy waits for something good, we too also look for something good in a lot of things, people, and life. Sometimes it’s just that other people are too busy that they forget to stop and say Hi.:) Ahaha, do not mind me.:D

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