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Sleepless, I held you in my arm,

My dark prince of twisted innocence,

Eyes cast upon me prevail without harm,

As we lay with the scent of rose incense

Yet beside me you rose again to leave,

Deity I wish to conquer eludes me,

I wept as the door closes, my heart heave,

Alone I ponder in my wake and I see

You left teaching me about sleeping,

That the stronger wins by hard choice,

The stubborn fool I am, empty and weeping,

Lost through excuses and denied by your voice



Let me live, nestled in the bosom of your heart,
Let me drink in the honey of your kisses,
Let me paint our love as the greatest art,
Let me see the hazel in your eyes as the sun rises

My heart yearns the company of your soul,
And with you apart my fount doesn’t flow,
Here alone nurturing these feelings so foul,
Like the dreary clouds coming forth slow

I sit without inspiration pining your laugh,
The colors run ruddy, my tears come shed,
Apart I am nothing without my loving half,
Saddened, I bleed my heart upon my head


I watch you sing your soul as I dance tonight

I see your glance under the soft lemon light

 Your eyes awaken in me the temptress I hide

And what you can’t, is your want to ride


Should I let you come closer just this one time?

I feel us beating in the rhythm of your rhyme

Exhale; you feel my breath from where you stand

When your feet brought you to where you land


Only inches from me, a heartbeat from me

You can’t resist a touch; you want me free

My lips moved but another called my name

I want to stay but I know you aren’t tame








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