I write with quill and ink


graphic artist/ professor/ businesswoman/ weekend gardener/ cook

Hello, my name is Marifosque.  I am a businesswoman and a graphic artist at current.

I was a professor 3 years ago and I taught 3D animation in colleges in Manila. I am not a professor anymore, instead I make the classes and lectures now to inspire younger artists to take up animation.

My business is partnering schools that need quality education in teaching CG animation.

I  created this blog to exercise my skills in illustration as I stopped drawing 2 years ago to give way to educating in computer graphics (using tablet and pen and staring at the monitor for hours). Though I do this kind of job and I love 3D animation, I am still humbled with the traditional skills and of using pen and paper.

I believe that though we have the computers that enhances and lessens the time of creating artwork nothing beats traditional skills, they are still the backbone of everything CG.:)


12 thoughts on “Author

  1. Samuel on said:

    Me too ( regarding hand drawing). I am an architect in Boulder Colorado. I draw everything by hand. The computer is a great tool, but it is too much separation from head to hand. For me, that is wher the magic happens. I liked the Major.

  2. I wish I knew more about programming and animation, my boyfriend studies game design and I am constantly amazed by the things one can accomplish with that kind of technical knowledge. I think your drawing style is really cute!

    • Wow, that’s nice- game design. My classes teach that along with MAYA animation. Yes computer graphics has it’s own merits.
      Thank you for liking my artwork. And reminding me to upload my new ones.
      I had been so busy grading papers and paneling/ advising thesis students. 😦 🙂

      • I’m pretty sure he did work in MAYA for his job this summer! Haha it’s my pleasure.

        I imagine evaluating all that work is tiring. Good luck!

  3. What a road, yes?
    Welcome to this lil corner of the universe…..your stuff is great, really.

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  5. Hey! You received a ping back the other day on your About Me page! Yeah, that wasn’t spam. I just nominated 45 bloggers for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Why 45? Well, I made up for the last three out of six. So, you’re one of them! Congratulations! You can find the post here: ! Take care.

  6. Good blog Marifosque, looking forward to read more from this!

    Haha hope we could work on something. Yeah?

    K.W. Villa

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