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Lover’s Mantra

Fall stories from heaven into these arms,

Dive deep into pools that reflect true beauty

Fear not the abominating idea of love,

But most fear not the fact that love is returned

Make love letters reminding reasons of existence,

Sowing seedlings of poetry to shape and define

 Plant even minute memories in each’s hearts,

Letting it grow well as lovers tend and care

Leave solitude by the doorway and dance in,

The threshold is accepting the coming of spring

Laugh like the rainbow smiling as it turns,

Upside down, spinning colors vibrant from the heart

Kiss like the gently falling of summer rain,

Patting heads of star crossed lovers in blessing

As day ends breathe in the scent of musk and floral

Mind that two hearts embrace love and embrace life

– m a r i f o s q u e

06- 10- 13







Internally it sears the body,

The ember mouth seeking

Those cool ones are wanting,

Quell and water us down,

Hold and posses these hands

We dive into these pools,

Hot and burning, we stir

Weigh the consequences, then


Dare to touch the fire,

Engaged hearts soar and soar,

Carry me then bear me down,

Pin me with abandon desire,


Lose yourself!

Pull me, push me, lift me,

Make me call your name,

Fire, fire, burning within

Blood rise in tempest,

Our breaths mingle with our souls,

As together we raise this heat

Exhale … Breathe…

This fire will not go sooner

Tonight is young,

And you are mine.

– M A R I F O S Q U E


Love, Even in Absence

Blotted heavens obstruct the Sun-God’s rays

Yet slivers escape, falling gently down the way

Touch this dark skin, open these brown eyes

Stir beholding golden mornings…now time flies

Both feet and heart beat to dance faster, faster!

Draw the heat, breathe deep, and hotly muster

Dancer turns and sits before majestic as you lay

Smile as you end there, now embarks my day

Speak, embracing words and enveloping feelings

In warmth, in kindness, in wonder light musings

Peppered with affection and tender presence

Romance is rose- perfumed in delicate essence

Such barter, in love when equal, has no yearnings

Paid with effervescent gratitude over mornings

This cup held amid is full and wholly overflowing

Where seas and lands separating has no meaning

Love is prominent still during the absence of each

Time flies fast and soon in each arms they reach


-M a r i f o s q u e












Finally! I can work on my drawings and start posting with woooords!

During the times that I have been uploading my works here, this is the first time I am including words.

The reason is that I had been doing Hell Month duties. For the college students they call it “Hell Week”, for us profs we call it “Hell Month”.

Yes, the checking of works and papers, the paneling for Theses, the grading of students, the deadline of submission of grades to the Dean’s office, and the listening to students groveling about why they should have this grade instead of that.

The only thing I can’t stomach during these months are the students that cry in sheer abandon in front of me when they get their final grades and failed.:(






Illustrator: Mundo Anna


This is a story about lovers; the beauty and sincerity of Filipino traditional courtship that is non- existent to this generation.

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