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The Fifty Sheets challenge

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This day I challenge myself to come up with a story-poem about Love within fifty white lined sheets of a little notepad. Each page will embrace the lines fully without overflowing, along with an illustration to add to the tale. Each page will tell the story about the characters within, but the primary will be the lovers: Mariang Mais and Juan Ampalaya, and their journey of romance.

This story was inspired through Anna, a dear friend of mine who about a year ago was in a relationship. As her friend, it was my duty to tease and support her in her romantic undertakings. The idea was created as a way to make us laugh. But in the end to make her laugh as they went their separate ways.

I haven’t re-visited the idea until recently when I fell in love. It inspired me to bring the characters to the open. For this I would like to share them as an inspiration for the people who are in love, to the people who believe in love, and for the people who want to be in and stay in love.

I would also like to share this story- poem as I show to you our beautiful custom and tradition of Filipino courtship to which as rigid and old-fashioned at is sounds, is highly romantic and at the same, down-to-earth funny.

This tradition is a dying social custom in the country so before it dies completely let me share what I have learned, and let me share it’s moral values which taught me how to fall for the perfect person to love.


DSCN5622This is the notepad that I will be using

DSCN5624The paper is smooth, the size is convenient and it costs less, not to mention BUY FILIPINO

Oishi Princess


Nothing is more so when you are on a weight reduction program and have all these tasty treats parade before you. It is mocking all given senses to test determination. I wonder how one can truly last?

As for me, I recently placed myself on a strict diet that is necessary for me. It will help my stamina during running. Therefore it is needed to set aside some foods obstructive to the diet and general health of your author.

And nothing is more callous to your cause than a person leaving a bag of chocolate goodness in front of you unattended.

So now I cry inside as I looked from where I am: I am only human! I am craving! I want some chocolates!!! I want it now!!!

Ah the dreadful challenge to will power. Sigh.

So we ask ourselves even in life, is it all right for us to lose to a single moment of happiness, knowing that the outcome of temporary bliss is regrettable in the long run?

And knowing this, are we still going to do it, or shall we leave it?

So for readers those in one way or another have been tormented with such an experience. Be in diet or life in general. Here is a poem for you:

Oishi Princess

With sad dark eyes and a needful touch,

Obtainable within reach but must resist,

Temptation has no boundaries to sin,

Oh Will, pass me as courageous warrior.


Delightful skin coated in dark chocolate,

And beckoning desire with such sweet scent,

Longing pools gaze over with mouth in need,

You open up and gentle hands come to reach,


Peccadillo bounties from a little parcel,

Soul satiated seeming undamaging presence,

Attempt to resist, yet desire in me protest,

Greed, need have you coated in chocolate.

– M A R I F O S Q U E

Dear Reader, your author is a determined person and the bag of chips was seen but untouched.

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