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The character of Master Onion


Hear a story of great value,
Dying in teaching and known by few,
Story of love in days of old,
Story my heart in morals it hold

I show to you the Art of Love,
Cometh through a Filipino Dove,
In nature blessed I write it down,
Throuh my window sill it flit then sown

This story I write to you then,
From me, the Master Onion of Pen,
Shall bring to life this soul sweet tale
Friendship, Honor, Love and jug of ale

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Hold us, Love

On the bus on the way home an elderly couple climbed on. Nothing out of the ordinary. They are your standard elderly couple.

She was graying as he is, her long hair was tied in a pony tail and both have movements that give away their age only that it was temporary thought of, for their little facial lines betray my assumption. I wonder…

I didn’t get to observe him much as they sat down beside me.

A slight movement made me gaze over them. In an instant she had the vigor of a younger woman, playful, smiling, and chuckling, because her husband beside her suddenly wrapped an arm around her and offered his  shoulder to lean her pretty head on. Quiet laughter between them.

He wasn’t interesting at first, yes. But upon looking over to say hi, his smile towards her is warm and inspiring to make this poem on the way home as they begin to doze.

In that moment, both looked like lovebirds to me: beautifully colored in the comfort of  age, yet young and playful in their hearts, and in embrace both colors blend in magnificence.

For the couple who sat beside me :

Hold us, Love

Seasons come in calm and fury

Not knowing towards but hold us, Love

Waver not in belief for I shall not drift

Hold us for we shall not fail,

What is us,

What is ours,

Years may stain, don’t let that burden you

Our hearts and arms shall house this belief:

“This love we have is unreserved devotion

To keep who we are

To keep what is us,

To keep what is ours,”

Life may abate but hearts will soar,

Death will come eventually calling, but, 

Remember where you walk I will follow

Always and forever will hold us, Love

– Marifosque


The Crab King: Moleskine Doodle

For Anna Jean

For Anna Jean: Happy Birthday!:) Remember the Crab King 😀

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