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Philippines: Manila Travel Ad poster


Jose Rizal

Jose Rizal


I used Illustrator to make this vector art from an existing image. The purpose is to make her a part of an advertisement for a future school.

Hunt for Redemption

Hunt for Redemption is my personal project for a graphic novel. I haven’t started it yet due that I am in the story making period. Hopefully I get to finish soon.

Return to Silent Hill: Intro to my blog

This is me when I was staying up late, playing Silent Hill.  This is one of the best games ever created that tells a very compelling story surrounding the characters in game and your character- I believe this game to be a test to the human psyche of the player. And OH, does this affect me!

Welcome to my blog!

I am here to share some of my works both in computer graphics and traditional illustration of pencil, paper, and mix-media. I am not that big in words as I was taught that the illustration/ art alone is in itself a message and best viewed and discussed alone per viewers thoughts, but I will do my best to put snippets of my thoughts when I was doing them to give you an insight on why they were made. 😀

Please enjoy!

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